Friday, May 29, 2009


School is finally out!!! I am so excited for summer!!!! I'm totally going swimming a bunch, and, jeez lewiz I l♥ve Summer!!!
HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moab pictures

Okay, here are the pictures from Moab. I'm, well yeah.

When we got to Moab one of the first things we noticed were the caterpillars. Well at least I noticed them.

When I went to a summer camp a year before, there were the exact same caterpillars. Except they dropped on your heads. They are like silkworms, but, like, in caterpillar form. They would get into your sleeping bags and into your clothes and they would leave green goop everywhere and it was just plain gross.
Another thing we noticed right off was the swimming pool at the campsite. How many people get to go swimming in an actuall swimming pool when they're camping?! It was a really nice pool. My brothers and me loved it.
That's all I can do right
now but I'm going to do more later. Bye!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey! On Sunday night I got back from Moab! It was so awesome! I have some pictures I still need to download! Me and my family went camping at a campsite that had a pool! I went swimming and I had so much fun! On Friday, (we left after lunch,) most of the time it was just setting up the camp and swimming. When we got there, we were surprised to find a bunch of disgusting little caterpillars! I took a picture, I'll have to download those later! Then on Saturday it was rainy in the morning, and my family went to Arches National Park! I really liked going and seeing all the different rock formations! Then, we went to the veiwpoint of Delicate Arch! It was so beautiful! After that we went to lunch! Me, my dad, and Jared had Subway, while my mom and Owen had Pizza Hut! It was so good! Afterwards, we went shopping! My dad got a hat and a t- shirt, my mom, I don't know what she got. I got an Orange t-shirt, Jared got a dark blue wolf t-shirt, and Owen got a wolf slingshot! After shopping, we went back to the campsite and went swimming for about a half an hour, it was so much fun! We were like the only ones in the pool till the very end, when it was time to get out! Then my dad decided that him, me, and Jared were going to hike to delicate arch! Owen couldn't go because he was feeling sick, and my mom had to take care of him. He wouldn't have been able to make it if he wasn't feeling 100 % healthy! So, me, my dad, and Jared hiked up to Delicate Arch! That was the longest hike I had ever been on, and right before you get to the arch there is a pathway that is on a cliff that you have to pass! At the arch, there were so many photrogaphers! They were kind of hogging the arch, they got mad at anyone who got in their way when they were taking a picture. But then my dad was just like,
"I didn't hike all the way up here to sit on the sidelines", so we went down to the arch. I found out that it's on a cliff! It freaked me out, and Jared REFUSED to go and touch it! Well, we finally got him to get over his fear, so we touched it! It was really cool! I even laid down under it! And, the photographers got really mad at me! Me and my dad took so many pictures! We got up on these rocks and took pictures from different angles, and then when the sun was beginning to get a little lower in the sky, the arch started glowing! It was so beautiful! I mean, the clouds were really puffy behind it, the arch was just at this perfect angle, and I'm serious, it was literally glowing to me! I loved it! But then we had to hike down before it got to dark and stuff, and we didn't make any stops on our way down! Then, at the bottom of the hike, we saw a sign for some petrogliphs! It was awesome! But there weren't very many, so it took about five minutes. Then we kept going down the path and we saw this guys house, I can't remember the name, but he was really important and he like founded Arches National Park or something! (I also took a picture of that!) Then we went back to our car, and went back to the campsite. Back there, we had basically marshmallows and smores for dinner! It was delicous! Then we went to bed. On Sunday morning, we were just packing up, nothing exciting or anything. When you enter Moab, there is this HUGE sand hill, and my dad decided that we were going to climb up it! I was the first one there the first time I climbed up, but on my second time up, all my energy had been washed out of me! It took forever! Although it was really really fun to run down it! You had a great veiw from the top! Then, we drove home. I got really really carsick, I seriousely thought I was going to throw up. We stopped at a park for lunch, then kept going. That was when I started to feel really sick, when we got home. I felt like I was going to topple over and die. I had a huge headache and my stomach was hurting. Now I'm sick, and I stayed home from school on Monday and Today. Now I can't sing at Abravanel Hall tonight with the choir. Darn It.