Saturday, March 26, 2011

Behind the name...

In english a few days ago we found this website called
There you can come up with super random names, such as hillbilly names, wrestler names, and even transformer names!

This morning I did it with Owen... and this is what we came up with.. :)

Hillbilly name: Bubba-Bob Wheatpusher Owen

Witch name: Nightsplat Catcast Owen

Fairy Name: Snowkiss Glitterdew Owen

and much more!!! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Help

All those who have a blog, please do this for Japan!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


BOOHA DILL BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This thursday (st patricks day) Is my choir concert!!!
It's gonna be soooo intense, we're even singing "we're all in this together" from high school musical!! (HA)
AAANNNDDD it will only be eighth graders performing, so the auditorium won't be amazingly crowded.
It's at six fifteen at DMS (dixon middle school) and there is no admission fee!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The weirdest day in the history of all days.

Saturday was weird.
Super weird.
It was awesome but weird...
(at the same time!!!)

Saturday Morning I woke up and went outside. I realized that I needed to go feed the chickens, so I put on my dads big clunky boots and went outside. As I got into the chicken coop I realized that there was no food left!! So, I ran inside (which was very difficult with my huge boots on) and asked my mom what to do. She said there was more food in the shed. So, I went into the shed and tried to lift the bag to the chicken coop. That didn't work. So, I ran inside again and got the kitchen scissors. I then opened the bag. Then I had to go get the scoop and go back and forth from the shed to the coop. So, I go to get the scoop, and when I was coming out my boot got stuck on the little knee-high fence that we use to keep our dog out of the coop, and jerked my foot out and then stepped on a baseball and flipped backwards!!!

Later on I was cleaning my bedroom and i tripped on a blanket and my hand got cut on my desk.

THEN I was cutting cantelope and I almost sliced my finger off!!
(there's more.)

THEN I answered the door and when I was coming back inside I tripped over my brothers shoes!!!

THEN i went to a baptism and afterwards as we were getting into the car my brother kicked back and kicked my shin!!!!!

THEN I had to put the chickens inside the coop and I thwapped my back on our spiral staircase!!!

But I still had a great day!! I was able to go to my friends brothers baptism, where I had to play the piano unexpectedly, (I played the same three songs over and over again because I havn't practiced hymns in FOREVER!!!)
And after that Me and my Family went to go take pictures by the lake, and after that I was able to go back to my friends house and play just dance 2!!

So, It was a really awesome day but it was still weird... :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I do when I'm bored...

hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello 4:35 pm
you, you should answer me.
unless you're sleeping.
then it would be kind of hard to answer.
unless you did it in your sleep.
that would be way awesome.
me and jo are going on the river trail soon.
you know him.
that's funny stuff right there.
wow like all my contacts just came online all at once!
except you.
cuz ur sleeping.
my bros. are watching the never ending story.
you know, that weird one with the weird kid and the indian kid?
that one.
now owens eating crackers and making sound effects of people falling off cliffs.
"i'm a rainbow man"
that's what he's singing now.
or, OMW!
are you even gonna bother reading this when you wake up?
cuz if you don't, I just wasted like five minutes of my life talking to NO ONE!!!
oh well.
you're never gonna wake up are you.
oh well.
i'm leaving.
see you latar.

Now you know what I do when I'm bored- I talk to my imaginary friend named Jess on skype!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Microwaved eggs.

Yesterday afternoon our oven started having issues. One of the burner things wouldn't turn off!! So we had to unplug our oven.
I was upstaires watching Ghost Whisperer yesterday and my mom came into the playroom and said that they were gonna go on a date, and that we could have eggs and toast for dinner.
She said that we could use a container that had a vent to microwave the eggs.....
So dinnertime came around and I went and got my brothers from wherever they were at, and when we got home I told them what our mom had told me, and they were like, "what?"
So we tried it. and it was nasty.
I called her and asked her how long I should put it in for, and she said about a minute.
sort of...
i heard popping noises from inside the microwave, so I took it out and opened the cover, and first off, it smelled horrible!! Jared said it smelled like hot pots.
And then he poked it with a fork, and it was like rubber!!
I really wish I knew where my camera was at that time, cause I totally would've taken pictures.
When my mom came home we told her about it, and she said that it always turned out good when she did it....
That just proves that I can't cook. :)
Seriousley, I can even mess up macaroni. :) :) :) :)