Monday, March 14, 2011

The weirdest day in the history of all days.

Saturday was weird.
Super weird.
It was awesome but weird...
(at the same time!!!)

Saturday Morning I woke up and went outside. I realized that I needed to go feed the chickens, so I put on my dads big clunky boots and went outside. As I got into the chicken coop I realized that there was no food left!! So, I ran inside (which was very difficult with my huge boots on) and asked my mom what to do. She said there was more food in the shed. So, I went into the shed and tried to lift the bag to the chicken coop. That didn't work. So, I ran inside again and got the kitchen scissors. I then opened the bag. Then I had to go get the scoop and go back and forth from the shed to the coop. So, I go to get the scoop, and when I was coming out my boot got stuck on the little knee-high fence that we use to keep our dog out of the coop, and jerked my foot out and then stepped on a baseball and flipped backwards!!!

Later on I was cleaning my bedroom and i tripped on a blanket and my hand got cut on my desk.

THEN I was cutting cantelope and I almost sliced my finger off!!
(there's more.)

THEN I answered the door and when I was coming back inside I tripped over my brothers shoes!!!

THEN i went to a baptism and afterwards as we were getting into the car my brother kicked back and kicked my shin!!!!!

THEN I had to put the chickens inside the coop and I thwapped my back on our spiral staircase!!!

But I still had a great day!! I was able to go to my friends brothers baptism, where I had to play the piano unexpectedly, (I played the same three songs over and over again because I havn't practiced hymns in FOREVER!!!)
And after that Me and my Family went to go take pictures by the lake, and after that I was able to go back to my friends house and play just dance 2!!

So, It was a really awesome day but it was still weird... :)


  1. yikes, how deep was the cut? didn't slice any tendons did you?

  2. What a painful day! Glad the awesomeness helped balance out the painfulness.

  3. Rachel: hmmm :)

    Scarf Kid: I didn't cut myself at all!!! But I thwacked my finger with the knife... So I really don't know how i DIDN'T cut myself... but it's a good thing i didn't!!

    Chastina: LOL YUP!!

  4. You indeed had a VERY exciting day :D LoL