Thursday, June 25, 2009

More LOL cats! ♥

These are just a couple more pics from! You should really check it out!
I feel the same way.

I just couldn't resist this one!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hey! On Thursday Me and the Young Women and Young Men went to the Manti Pagent! It was so beautiful!!! It was like a re-inactment of the book of mormon in a short summary type thing! It was so cool! Me, Jessie Carlson, and Emma Cox saw a bunch of shooting stars!! We also saw a meteor enter into the earths atmosphere, and then break up! It was so amazing!!!!!! The actual pagent started at like nine thirty, so we just walked around and had fun! Me and Emma grabbed some hand warmers from the Laurel leaders car, and it was totally worth it! It got so cold!!! On the way to the pagent, our driver got pulled over! There were like three people in a row that got pulled over, and we were right in the middle!!! I don't know what was so funny, but Me, Jessie, Emma couldn't stop laughing!!!! It was so fun and I really want to go again!!!!!

Oh, and on the way back, we stopped in the middle of nowhere, and looked at the stars! We could see the Milky way so clearly!! It was so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lol Cats

Cats are crazy.
The website proves it. All these pictures come from that website. I just think they're hilarious!! You can go to to look at hundreds of pages full of funny cat pics! It's not a bad website, I PROMISE!

I love this one!

This reminds me of Night at the Museum...

I just L♥VE this one!!!

See, Cats have problems too!



Hey! Thats a perfect replica of me and my brother!!

Don't go towards the light!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sixth Grade Graduation

I havn't told about my graduation yet, so, yeah. I am so happy that I am finally a Seventh Grader!!!!! It was awesome!!! Everybody was happy!!! But the whole cerimony thing got kind of boring towards the end, it took FOREVER for the guy to call out everybodys name and for them to come and get their certificate. But it was still fun!
I'm on the end, Riley Chatwin is in the middle, (I personelly think she's wearing too much makeup, Sorry!!) Then Emma Cox is on the end. Emma's mom ditched her for sushi, (long story:) so her mom couldn't make it.

There's us again!!! Can you see the sunburn on my shoulders?

Me and my ♥Mother♥

Me and my ♥Mother♥ again.

Me and Emma are hugging! She's moving to Oregon soon.
How much longer?!?

I finally got the proof I graduated!!!
(Valerie Chatwin took all these pics. My mom only got one pic and it was blurry cause she was in the back:)

I'm so happy! I'm graduating!!!