Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swimming in the Resivoir...

I got hit with a log the other day.
It's sort of a tradition to go up to the Spanish Fork resivoir before/soon after school starts.
So on Tuesday this week our Youth Group all packed into the cars with our leaders and our towels and headed up the mountain.
After getting lost several times we finally made our way up and unloaded.
When you go swimming in cold water, like in the Provo River or a Lake or Resivoir, you need to go in fast. Slowly walking in and stopping and screaming when it hits your stomach just won't cut it! That's what I usually do. So this time I decided to do something a little different... I was about to my knees in water and decided that I would just fastwalk into the water until I got to my shoulders! Let me tell you. That water was freezing. But once you got in and stayed for a while, it was alright. After everyone had gotten in, we brought out the watermelon!
Greasy watermelon is hard to throw. Just sayin. And it leaves your fingers all sticky and gross... :D:D
Anyway, I got hit with a log. If you've ever been to the resivoir, you should know what the log is. There is this GINORMOUS log that we play king of the hill with. It's actually pretty fun, except when you get hit! but even then its fun... :D:D So yeah. This is just a random post because i'm bored. School has officially started, and I havn't gotten lost yet!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dreams.... again.

Okay, you know that dream I posted that was about pasta salad? (If you don't... just type in pasta salad in the search box on the right)
Well, on saturday evening I was at one of those good ole Elders Quorum barbeques... and guess what?!
There wasn't a spoon in the pasta salad.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming... has the best parties ever.
My mom works there- is a place where people scan old yearbooks, pictures, organize familiy trees, stuff like that. It's pretty cool.
So the parties.
I actually just got back from one, the company rented out all of Seven Peaks Water Park for just the workers and their families. Free food and everything! It was so much fun! Me, my bros, Russel and James Madison, my mooma, and her deaf friend Mel took off at around three, and we just barely got back. 6 hours of swimming! And I didn't get tan at all! *sigh*... I'm just kidding. although I still wish I got a little bit of a tan.... :P So yeah. Free food, a movie on a big screen, (we left before it started so my moms letting us stay up and watch a different movie... score!) and swimming! My three favorite things! (with the addition of chocolate... :D:D)

Monday, August 8, 2011

The summer is coming to an end!

Three weeks! Three weeks left of summer! Three weeks left of no homework! Three weeks left of freedom!
I'm actually not to bummed out that school is starting.
This summer has been so exciting though!
Girls Camp!
St. George!
I went EVERYWHERE this summer!
And it doesn't even end there- I'm also going to Bear Lake next weekend! And Bear Lake is one of my most favorite places in the world :D.
I'm planning on doing just one post full of pictures from the whole summer, because I havn't been doing that great of a job in posting them on time... :D
Oh yes!
And... you know how I've been sick like... all summer?
I sort of know why now!
I'm allergic to everything.
Just kidding!
I went to a throught and nose doctor a week ago, and she had me hold a metal tube in my left hand, which sent a small electric current through my body, (which I couldn't feel) while she poked my right hand/foot with a metal stick. She told me that there are certain preassure points in my hand and foot that when poked with the metal stick, connect to organs in my body. Brain, lungs, stomach, liver, etc. So while she poked, I could see on the computer screen what was going on in my body. For example, she poked my hand, it connected to something, and then I could see what it's health conditions were and why.
We found out that Milk swells my body a lot, (along with a ton of other stuff) so I can't have that anymore. (I drink almondmilk now... it's like a dessert)
And when I took my hand off of the tube, it was blue. Where it had touched the metal, it was BLUE.
She told me that that happened because I had too much carbs and sugars in my body. So, no more nutty bars! No more cookies!
I've actually been doing pretty good with my carb intake, but sugar...... I've made cookies three days in a row. So yeah. Not to good there.... I have a cousin who has been off sugar for three months. I need to get some tips from her. :D