Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming... has the best parties ever.
My mom works there- is a place where people scan old yearbooks, pictures, organize familiy trees, stuff like that. It's pretty cool.
So the parties.
I actually just got back from one, the company rented out all of Seven Peaks Water Park for just the workers and their families. Free food and everything! It was so much fun! Me, my bros, Russel and James Madison, my mooma, and her deaf friend Mel took off at around three, and we just barely got back. 6 hours of swimming! And I didn't get tan at all! *sigh*... I'm just kidding. although I still wish I got a little bit of a tan.... :P So yeah. Free food, a movie on a big screen, (we left before it started so my moms letting us stay up and watch a different movie... score!) and swimming! My three favorite things! (with the addition of chocolate... :D:D)


  1. haha fun!!!! we have to go and do something together soon again!!!