Monday, December 6, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Official!!!

The Christmas season has finally come!
it is now legal to listen to christmas music!
our family tree is up and decorated!
our house is covered with lights!
Christmas break is coming!!
I'm so excited! in my last post i was stressing about how annoying it is that christmas comes before thanksgiving, but, now that thanksgiving is over, i'm so happy!
christmas to me means that i get to have family come stay at my house, there isn't any SCHOOL for two weeks, (yay yay yay yay yay) and there's lots of good food!!! especially cookies!!! my mom makes these shortbread cookies, and they are SO GOOD!!!! seriousley!!! i think some of you have probably gotten a plate of them on past christmases...... :)
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas. It comes earlier every year.

Have you ever noticed how early Christmas comes to Utah?
And, Am I the only one who thinks that it's annoying?
Christmas seems to come earlier every year.
I have already heard Christmas music on the radio!
Sometimes I think that Wal-Mart and FM 100.3 are on a different callender then the rest of us, maybe a month or two ahead.
I think that the mall is already having Santa come, too.
Everyone seems to just, SKIP Thanksgiving! They go right from Halloween to Christmas, and don't even give Thanksgiving a second thought.
It's sad, really.
I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Christmas.
I just wish that people would celebrate it at the right time of the year...
It's one of my pet peeves. just like that overpass on center street. :)
just kidding!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My cousin showed this to me a few weeks ago- I thought it was hilarious so I'm sharing it with you!!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Painting the shed- or, priming it anyway

Today we primed one wall of our shed!!!
I thought it was fun, until our chickens got out.
Our chickens somehow got smart have been slipping through our fence!
So today when we were priming our neighbor comes over and tells us two of our chickens are out. I ran and jumped over the fence to go get them, and when I was picking up one of them (NUGGET) and plopping it over the fence, he crapped on me!!! a very slimy, goopy, stinky trail all down my sweat pants. and on my shirt.
seriousley, it was nasty.
lol :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

90's Slang

Around Ten minutes ago I was in the car with my dad, coming back from the library.
We somehow got into a discussion on 90's Slang words.
I don't know what to say about 90's slang. Only that it makes no sense whatsoever!!
Johnston?! A bag of chips?!
My dad said to me, don'tcha get it, Johnston? and then he cracked up laughing!!! And when I asked him "Who's Johnston," he started cracking up all over again!! I DON'T GET IT!!!
And after that, he would say, "Oh man, that's a sweet car. I totally want it." And then he'd say, "Yeah, and a bag of chips!!!" And he would once again, crack up laughing! How does that make any sense?! I thought we were talking about a car and he wants to buy a bag of chips?
90's Slang confuses me..... -_-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sand dunes

I REALLY want to go to the sand dunes. you have no idea. i havn't been to the sand dunes in like, two years!!! my dad, me, and my brotatoes used to go at least once a year. we would hook up sleds to the four wheelers, bury eachother in sand, and just spend the whole day having an awesome time!!! i miss it!!! and now that my neighbors have a four wheeler, i want their family to come with us!!! how freaking awesome would that be? or, we could have everyone from the neighborhood come!!!!! aaaahhh!!!! i miss the sand dunes!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


My other chicken (Tweety) Laid an egg today! It's green! and it's really awesome looking! Because it's green! Tweety is our second chicken to lay an egg.... how exciting is that?! =)
I'll post a pic of it soon..... when I can find the cord to my camera... =)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I can't believe I start school in a week. That's insane. My brothers actually started school today- Jared is goin to Freedom Academy and Owens gettin homeschooled... 0_0 I don't want school to start in a week. Two months of summer is just WAY too short... You can hardly do ANYTHING in two months. I've only done like, three things this summer. that's it. and half the time it was raining. so they don't count. I think we should get one extra day of summer every day that it rained during summer, so we can make up on all that stuff we missed out on..... lol :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


My chicken, Nugget, (yes, that's her name... ) laid an egg!! this morning!!! and it's really slimy!!! and disgusting!!! and it's in my fridge!!! but it's awesome!!!! there was like, this slimy coating and my mom squeezed the coating off to reveal an egg!!!
On the left, the slimy coating, on the right, the egg!

This is the egg... that slimy stuff on the right was the coating stuff...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you know what I just realized?

For the past week and a half I haven't slept on my own bed.
My cousins were here from last sunday to yesterday, and I was with them, pretty much that whole time.

On Monday the 19th, I slept on the floor with my cousins at my aunts house.

On Tuesday the 20th, I slept in a tent for about two hours then came inside because of earwigs to sleep on a foldout bed with my cousins.

On Wednesday the 21st, my cousins came over to my house and since all the girls were sleepin in my puny bedroom, We fully unzipped a sleeping bag and slept on the floor. (I gave my youngest girl cousin the bed... )

On Thursday through this tuesday night, we repeated this procedure.

So, Last night I FINALLY slept in my own bed. How weird is that? OH, plus, on the Saturday before all this started, I had a sleepover with my friend Jessie and we slept on my deck in a tent on airmattresses, but mine had a hole in it, so it really didn't count as an air mattress...... -_^

Sunday, July 18, 2010

AFV winner

This movie won Americas Funniest Home Videos tonight on ABC, so I just had to share it with you people... Sorry about the camera being all wiggley and jiggley.. enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I think Ice cream men are idiots.
Just two minutes ago I was standing on my deck when I saw an ice cream man drive by, like, seven mph, with three girls chasing it yelling STOP!!!
now, a SMART ice cream man would go like, one mph down the road and wait for the little girls to go get money. but NOOOOO!!! all ice cream men do is rob little children of their energy. my dad thinks the same thing!!! the idiot ice cream men drive as slow as possible down a deserted street, and speeds down a street loaded with kids.
But rememeber, this is just my own personel opinion.
It even says so in the title.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is what you get...

When you give me gummybears and I leave them in the sun for two hours.
AAAANNNNDDDDDD.... This is what you get when you give me liquid chalk and a sponge.

P.S. I added a poll thing to my little sidebar thingy. Check it out! Vote!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The weirdest dream I have ever had-

Occured in my brain last night.
It was so weird.
And I kind of wish It was real... :D
So, I had this dream that the YW wend to Girls Camp for the second time this year, because we werent gonna do it next year for some reason. So, it was like the last day of camp, and Denae (Sis. Holt) was teaching us this really fun game. But then Camilla and Sara (see camilla's and saras adventures on youtube... ) mixed it up and then found out system that would change your hair color. yes. i know. weirdness.
So, all you had to do was lay on your back, pick up a color card from a box, then pull on one of your earlobes while counting to ten, then choose a question card and ask a leader the question, and then when they answered it, you had to wave your hands in the air, and POOF! your hair would turn the color of the card you chose. cool, right? but so weird!!! I must have a defunctional brain or something. -_-

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's summer- weird huh?!

I can't believe it's already summer. I had to miss the last week of school because of that stupid earache, but it's finally gone!! I'm so happy about that. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... I think I might've broken my dishwasher.... idk. I was trying to take out the utensil thing and uh... i really don't know what happened... but I hope i didn't break it... my flip flop keeps breaking and I don't want to throw it away because this is my favorite pair of flip flops..... I just got finished reading a book called the breif history of the dead and in my point of veiw.... I think it was stupid. It just kept switching to random people starting with this blind guy then a guy that sells newspapers then some freaky religious guy then some girl in the antartic. andartic. antarctic. I don't know how to spell that word. OMW!! guess what?! I'm learnig how to play waterfall by jon schmidt!!! and it's really fast and my arm hurts whenever I play it but it's so cool! I already have the first two pages memorized!!!! I love it!!! I think the song is on my playlist at the bottom of the page for those of you who have not heard it... but I'm not sure...... Wow this is a really random post. but I was sick of seeing my *Sigh* post. I don't know why I start posts like that. but it bugs me. I really hate Itunes. it keeps deleting songs off my playlist and I'm sick and tired of it. Oh well. Oh!!! and.... I finally memorized Christofories dream on the piano!!! It is also on my playlist- I'm sure of that because I'm listening to it right now.......... YUP!!! it took like, a year and half for me to learn the dang thing and then another half a year to memorize it. but it's totally worth it because it's such a beautiful song!!!! Well...... uh..... yup. yup yup yup. what a weird word. Y U P.
I'll put waterfall and christofories dream at the top of my playlist so that it will automatically start playing when you get onto my blgo. blog. blgo. lol
waterfall will play first... christofories dream second.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I feel so horrible right now. My throught hurts, I havn't been able to breathe through my nose for like, three weeks, and I have a horrible earache.
what a way to start the last week of school, huh?
so, at like, 12:13 last night I woke up crying because I had an earache.
I went upstairs to get this hotpad thingy we use to help earaches, and it was not there.
So, I went into my dads bedroom and woke him up and told him my problem, and he loaded me up with pills, but my earache just got like, worse. so my dad came into my bedroom every hour to load me up again, and then he found the hot pad. In the chicken coop. and it was broken.
So he tried to fix it.
It worked.
So yeah, it still hasn't gone away. It's throbbing and whenever I sneeze or yawn it pops and starts hurting even worse all over again.
it's making me mad!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

This Just Kills Me...

I just luv this stuff.
especially the second one...
so, so true...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You know what I REALLY hate?

Being sick on the same day the end of year testing starts and then hafting to go to school so you can take that stupid crummy math test so you won't fail your stupid crummy math class so you don't have to go to the stupid crummy summer school to make up that stupid crummy math test!!!!! Ah. feels good to let that out.
But do you know what else I reallly hate?!
Hafting to go to school when you've had a headache all week and all the kids seem to think that it's "shout and yell as loud as you can day" so you get an even worse headache..... and then coming home to freakishly akward brothers (refer to pic on side of blog) when one of them happens to be coughing his brains and every other organ in his body out of his mouth, and he won't shut up!!!!
Oh, but I really really really realllllly REALLLLLY hate this one....
hafting to go to school.

PS. if you scroll down to the bottom of the page where my playlist is and scroll all the way down on my playlist you should find a song labeled, "badger song" i think it's hilarious, but..... lets see what you think!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


WHO HOO!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is this normal?

cuz i cant tell........... :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


My spring break starts today!!! I am so freaking excited!!!! today my cousins are coming over all day and then on wednesday it's one of my best friends birthdays and so im hanging out with her and then on thursday i'm going to the mall with another one of my best friends and we're going to a movie with her family and then..... i'm kind of clueless after that but it's gonna be so totally sweet and it better get sunnier soon cuz i really want to have good weather on my spring break------------ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH im so excited!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


sup. i have read the whole maximum ride series of six books in six days. a book a day. pretty sweet huh? well, not officially, but im pretty sure i'll finish the last one tomorrow. it makes me dream about something that i can not and will not tell you for the sake of me staying alive and being able to walk outside without a paper bag over my head. just sayin. so don't even ask. part of it has to do with pizza blowing up. but not all the time.
I'll just say this-
he has wings that are so dark that they look dark purple in the sunshine.
you know, from what the book tells me,
and he has black eyes.
and black hair
and he's tan.
and the first letter of his name is F
and the next one is A
and the next one is N
and the last one is G.
but that's all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010



Thursday, March 18, 2010


Is tomorrow!!!! I am so excited that I can hardly breath- :) I'll finally be a REAL teenager!! Just three more years till I can drive, and get a job, and have money and, and, and, OH IM JUST SO EXCITED!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If somebody knows mother nature, please give her a call! It's really windy, and I don't want it to be windy. I want it to be sunny like in Arizona. Please give her a call.
If she doesn't answer, Try again.
If she still doesn't answer, try one more time.
If she still doesn't answer, call me and I will make her answer cause so help me I am sick and tired of this wind and if we have bad weather on my birthday somebody is gonna get hurt.
Thank You!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck my dad is pickling eggs and they are super gross yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck my kitchen stinks yuck yuck yuck YUCK!!!

did i mention that it's yucky?! well it is!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK
and it's all thanks to that Guy Fieri on the food network. THANKS A LOT! I'M NEVER WATCHING YOUR SHOW AGAIN!!!


It's snowing outside. I am so sick of snow. SICK OF IT! I want to go and blow all those clouds away so they can snow on somebody elses yard. Ag. I can't open my window now! Yesterday I was able to open my blinds and windows and hear all the birdies chirping and feel the cool weather and then BAM! snow. snow snow snow. Sick of it. It's only been snowing for like an hour and there's a ton of it. It better be a sunshiny day tomorrow or else I'll need to take a chill pill. Or wait, a hot pill, cuz if i took a chill pill it would add to the cold of the snow and- OH WHATEVER! IF ANYBODY KNOWS MOTHER NATURE TELL HER TO MAKE IT STOP SNOWING OR OMW I AM GOING TO HAVE TO DO SOMETHING, REALLY BAD! I'LL LET YOU KNOW HOW BAD IT IS WHEN I THINK OF IT!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


am tired. soo soooooooo tired. i haven't slept good all week. except for last night. that was good. my dog kept coming onto my bed right next to my head. and pushing me off the bed. hey. that rhyms. im going to make a poem of my tiredness.

Okay, here goes.
I am so tired,
my brain, is wired.
i havn't slept good all week.
My dog is a blob, my brother's a snob
and the other ones starting to reek.
this poem does't make sense at all
and im still so tired im going to fall
i just had to give the chickens fresh water you see,
they will drink so much that they'll have to go- i think im done.

The End.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm sure ALL of you have seen this logo before-

Tonight I got to experiance this for about the billionth time since i've been alive You people are soooo lucky I was able to get this picture before I was shot in the gut.

Okay. My brothers birthday brought in some cash in which he used to buy the new nerf gun. That holds like seventy five bullets. and is rapid fire. I'm going to need to sleep with one eye open from now on. For the half hour that he's owned it he has aimed it at me already too many times and i swear that if he does it again i'll snap that peice of plastic in half! I'm just kidding, but seriously. that thing hurts. they're not the darts with the sticky stuff on the top, it has a plastic point. I have now been shot in the gut about five times.

Monday, February 15, 2010


okay, it's time to talk about florida!!! im going to be sitting here for a while.
Day 1, Friday Morning.
I got up at 5:30, got all packed, ate a muffin, said goodbye to my bro's, then my dad drove me and my mom to the airport in salt lake! i think i might've fallen asleep on the way! then we got to the airport, at like, seven or something, and we said goodbye to my dad. we checked on our big bag and then we found the security and then they made us take our shoes off and put all our electronics and jackets and bags in this plastic bin and then we had to walk through this scanner thing and then we had to put all of our stuff back on and i was not in the mood cuz i was tired and wanted sunny weather. anyway, once we were past security, we sat in chairs for about half an hour and then they let us board the plane to houston! i never want to go on a plane again. seriousley. HORRIBLE!!! taking off made me nausious, (is that how you spell it?) then we encountered turbulance. OUCH!! we kept bumping up and down and- *shudder* and then i had to go to the bathroom which made me clostrophobic and i almost threw up and then my ears started hurting really really bad like last time i was on a plane, and then it was pretty much a re-run on the plane to Florida. We landed at about, eight something and we met our aunt and cuzins at "Millers Ale House." ale. as in beer. yuck. i didn't have any, and neither did my mommy. but i had a philly cheese steak sandwich and it was amazing!!!! but then we finished eating and went to my aunt donnas house to sleep. in a very comfy bed. ( by the way, i got a cell phone the night before we left. my parents surprised me!!! thanks mom!!!)
Day 2, Saturday
we got up and my aunt donna made us sausage and eggs and toast, and then we were stuck wondering what to do for the rest of the day. we desided to go to a craft fair in siesta key, and so we called up cuzins and more family to see if they wanted to go. they did, so they came over and we drove to siesta key. with these three little children poking me and slapping me with stuffed animals. but finally we got there and we couldn't find the craft fair so we went to the beach. it was really windy, and so the waves were super high!!! but it was so cool, me and my mom stuck our feet in the sand, and one time the wave came up so high, that my moms shoes almost floated away!!! then we left the beach and finally found the craft fair just while it was closing, but we still looked around and i bought a really pretty anklet! then we went back home and ordered pizza and then we went to bed.

Day 3, Sunday

We got up and went to church at 9:00 am, and my aunt donna came with us! (she's catholic) and since she came to sacrament with us, we went to mass with her. It was really different, to tell you the truth. but, that's pretty much all we did that day. oh wait, we did check into our hotel. and that was awesome!!! i slept good!!!

Day 4, Monday

We went to Epcot!!! it was so much fun, we did EVERYTHING!!! and i got some awesome pics!!!
some of my favorite things we saw were the fireworks show, sourin, (we did that twice) and the world showcase!!! but here's something sad, when we were there, this old guy fell backwards out of his wheelchair, and got rushed away by perimedics. it was so sad!!! but anyway, my favorite worlds were france and japan!! i bought a bere` in france, and in japan me and my mom both got some hair clips, and then we got to watch a lady open a clam and get the pearls out!!! then on our way out we had to stop by package claim cuz we did the give a day get a disney day thing and turns out when you do that you get a little metal micky mouse thing with four pins that you aparently can't find anywhere else!!! and at package claim i found a jacket that was absolutely amazing beyond belief so i had to get it, but it was a total splurge. the jacket was white with little mickey mouse heads withe flags from countries in the heads. then we went home and i went swimming in a pool at our resort and then we went back for the fire works show, and it was great!!!! great show!!! then we went home and had a dinner of beef jerky and went to bed.
Day 5, Tuesday
We went to magic kingdom! but it was a really gloomy day, it was rainy and pouring and ugh. We pretty much did everything there too! oh and get this- I WAS THE FIRST ONE THROUGH THE TURNSDILE!!!! so yeah, that got me pretty excited!! then we saw the official welcome, and we headed straight to space mountain, just in time to find out that it was having technical difficulties and that we would have to come back later in the day with our fast passes. so we just did everything else we could in tomorrow land, and then we went over to frontier land just in time to find out that splash mountian, our favorite ride, was not splashing. yeah. that dissapointed us pretty big. so then we did everything else in the park, and we went to main street and found this glass shop where we saw this guy making a castle, it was pretty cool!!! so then we went home for a while to rest our blistering feet, and then we came back for the fireworks which was almost as good as epcots..... so then we went home again and slept.
Day 6, Wednesday
We went to animal kingdom! it was still freaking cold, and we huddled in the bathroom to stay warm for a while. (lol) so once the turnsdials opened we saw the opening of micky and minnie on a jeep, and then we went on our own little safari type thing, and i saw some naked mole rats and a zebra donkey thing, and then after that we went on another safari where we saw the real stuff like elaphants and flamingos and alligators. i got some pretty good pics of that, and then we went to a couple shows, and they were really cool. i liked finding nemo the best. and the lion king. the little mermaid, all you did was watch little clips from the movie and it was very confusing. and then we went to this rafiki planet watch thing, and we didn't stay for the fireworks, we just went to downtown disney where we froze and my mom got a jacket, and then we went to bed.
Day 7, Thursday
We went to hollywood studios!! that, and epcot had to be my favorite out of all the parks. we started off the day tired, then went on a roller coaster, then afterwards we came out very awake. we went on rockin roller coaster, and i was freaking out. you know how they take pics of you on the ride? come over to my house and i will show you the picture, cuz we bought it. i really wish we hadn't, but we did. so yeah. come over and i will show you. there was loopedy loops and it was going like a billion miles an hour. lol. then we wanted to go on the tower of terror, but we got fast passes instead and went on the toy story game, and it was really fun!!! then we went on a couple more rides, and then we went to see this stunt show, and it was amazing!!! lots of cool effects that weren't made by computer!!! then we went to this muppet vision 3d thing, and it was ok, but not the best. then we finally went on the tower of terror, and that was definately my favorite ride there!!! it was so much fun!!! it's impossible to go on that ride and not laugh. seriousley. my butt got lifted off the seat!!! it was awesome!!! then we went to the beauty and the beast, and it was very well done!! my mom got some pretty good pics of that! then we went on the tower of terror again because i thought it was the best ride in the world!!! and in line, there were a bunch of 13 year old cheerleaders (there was a cheer competition going on and all the girls were staying at our hotel, earplugs were advised!!!!) so these cheerleaders were freaking out and they kept asking me if it was scary and i kept telling them it was fun but they still kept freaking out. so yeah, butt lifting all over again!!! then we went to an indiana jones show, and it was really cool! but because of the weather, they couldn't show the mian scene... :( then we wanted to see this lazer light show but it was full fifteen minutes before showtime. so we decided to leave.
Day 8, Friday
we slept over at my moms cuzins house, and we went to my great grannys half pink half tan apartment building to get geniology. i wasn't really paying attention, but i did learn that my great grandpa got a purple heart for landing a plane that had been shot down safely and living to tell the tale. anyway, we went out to lunch at this chinese place that had chow mien that was not as good as panda expresses but came in at like, fifth place. it wasn't that good, but it was good. then we went back to grannys she showed me her collection of perfume bottles. (there were like, at least twenty!! she is a pack rat, her place is piled high with junk, no offense intended.) so i got to keep the perfume bottles but i only picked out my favorites and junked the rest. most of them were just old avon bottles. so we went home and my cuzin elizabeth and her mom and bro came over and she crashed on the couch at like, ten thirty and i played on the wii until about midnight. then in the morning, we had breakfast, packed, and then by lunch we were headed to tampa. my mom wanted to show me where she grew up, but we kept getting lost and thought we would bag the whole thing and then my mom started to recognize stuff and we found her house! it used to be sparkley blue and now it's a boring tan. so i saw her school and stuff and then we went to the airport and got on the plane for home!!! and i will have to post pics later cuz my computer is being stupid.... lol :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

If you havn't laughed today this will surely do the trick...

seriousley. these are hilarious!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New new new new stufffffffff

is exactly what me and my brother (who is, sad to say cursed with idiotitus, lol jk) got on saturday!!!! jared has been going to work with my dad and doing chores around the house and finally had enough money to buy his own ipod touch. and also in that process he has been trying to make me jealous by showing me his big fat wad of mooola that is burning holes in his stupid little pockets. i think it might've worked there- but anyway he got an ipod touch and as a birthday present two months early i got a purple digital camera!!! LOOK WHO'S JEALOUS NOW IDIOTITUS CURSED BROTHER!!! it's way awesome!!! mostly it's for florida, but, i will cherish it forever and eternity!!! lol wow..... so, we pretty much have our birthdays out of the way for a year, you know, for florida and stuff, but he's not going so there ha ha!!!! check out the pics!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have i ever mentioned.....

How bored i am when jess is not feeling well? Like, the whole Christmas break i was so bored. I had NUTTIN to do. Jess was in the hospital, Emms in AZ, Friley Riley was in CA. and i have no idea where any of my school friends live, and they were going places too. i had no female peoples to hang out with. just my mom. and my dog. but my mom had work and stuff and my dog is a lazy butt..... so, yeah. I did have julie and kirsten to hang out with but they're like, 9 yrs old and usually just want to play dress up or pokemon or something. All i had was my bros and their friends. and usually all THEY want me to do is try to chase them around the house or play video games (that's the only thing i'll do...) or play starwars or nintendo or pokemon. sometimes i chase them, but that's only for the little bit of excersise i would get doing it. otherwise i was on the computer or on my butt doin something else. I need to find a hobby. -_-

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was on a site that had backrounds on it and i found that butterfly thing on top... and i just think that it's freakin awesome.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

GUESS WhAt?!?!?!?!?

IM GOIN TO FLORIDA!!! IN FEBRUARY!!! IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! AND IT'S JUST GOING TO BE WITH ME AND MY MOM!!!!!! WE HAVE TO TAKE A PLANE!!! oh wait... im not to excited about that part..... :)