Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sand dunes

I REALLY want to go to the sand dunes. you have no idea. i havn't been to the sand dunes in like, two years!!! my dad, me, and my brotatoes used to go at least once a year. we would hook up sleds to the four wheelers, bury eachother in sand, and just spend the whole day having an awesome time!!! i miss it!!! and now that my neighbors have a four wheeler, i want their family to come with us!!! how freaking awesome would that be? or, we could have everyone from the neighborhood come!!!!! aaaahhh!!!! i miss the sand dunes!!!


  1. I've never been camping at the sand dunes (or if I have it was so long ago that I've forgotten). It sure sounds fun, especially with some good friends.

  2. Chasting- IT IS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! you should totally go sometime!!!!!

  3. Hmmmm...never been there but I'm sure its FANTABULOUS FUN!! :D :D