Monday, September 24, 2012

This is what I like to call...


Saturday, September 22, 2012


James Maddi won a goldfish yesterday at his elementary schools fair, and today he decided to give it  name:

J. Maddi: I'm going to name him.... Gold.
Dad: Is his last name going to be Fish?
J. Maddi: Yup.
Dad: His middle name should be crustation.
Mom: Crustations have shells,
Dad: Yeah but his ANCESTORS were crustations.
J. Maddi: I'm just gonna name him Gold.

Bewilderment by Benson Kua

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ten thing friday!

The ten things that I am thinking about right this very minute

1. Popcorn sounds absolutely scrumptious right now.
2. Saying the word 'scrumptions' reminds me of my cousin.
3. My cousin is on his mission in  Germany and I should write him a letter.
4. I get to do my best friend's hair for homecoming tomorrow!!!!!!
5. If somebody used a helicopter to ask me out to prom, I would say yes.
6. I heard about no. 5 on the radio about 5 seconds ago, and I liked the idea so I wrote it down.
7. Alex Boye is the most wonderful, fantastic, amazing, spectacular, angel-like singer that I have ever had the privilage to see. He almost made me faint when I went to his concert. HOT DANG.
8. PIANO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. The radio just said the words 'plump and juicy'. Now it said 'welcome to delicious'.
10. Downeast basics is having a sale!!!

Hope that everyone has had a simply superb friday!!

Here is my favorite song, just for you.
With a little Legend of Korra twist :)
By my favorite singer.
Best lunch EVAH!!!!
anyway, here ya go :)
Confusion to our enemies,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Piano Guys

Dear Piano Guys,
You guys are my inspiration and my role models.
Thank you for everything that you do!
Love Hanna

Piano Guys video of the week
This one doesn't have Jon Schmidt in it, but Mr. Nelson here does a pretty dang fantastic job anyway :) This video definately inspired me to play the cello and I'm working on it! I just have to get a cello first.... When I end up finally getting to that point I want this guy to teach me, no matter what.

They're having a concert tomorrow night at Red Butte Gardens. *Sigh*
Wish I could go! But, being as fantastic as they are, the tickets are all sold out. :(
I've been to one of their concerts before, but it was before they became official :) best night ever!!!!!
I met Jon (sadly not Steve) and he signed my Piano book and I got a picture with him. It was fantastic!!! A night that I will NEVER forget :)
Did you know... Jon has an extremely attractive son.
Jus' sayin.
And he can sing :P

Anyway, just felt like sharing this and hope that you will find it as hilariously entertaining as I have!!

love and lollies,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dearlingst Darlingst People of mine who probably think that I am dead:

Here is what you've been waiting for and what I have been forgetting to post for about (checks calendar) four months.
you're welcome rachel :)

Here is James Maddison, playing an indian song.. that I don't know the name of.

And here's me, playing melodies of life by nobuo omatsu (sp?).

And some fruit... cause I love it.... (I took the top one and the bottom one is from the magnificent INTERNET!!)

 AAANNNDDD.... a quote of the week
"To make a difference in the world you must be different from the world"
-Elaine. S. Dalton
YW general president
And here is a video that will blow your mind. Seriously. It's verging between amazing and creepy.
More on creepy...
here is a very wonderful website that will bring you joy and happiness!!!
Michelle Money (my daddy's cousin :D) is featured in one of the recent posts and demonstrates a fantastic hairstyle that I enjoy very much.

last but not least,
to all UTE fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BYU is going to win. Just face it. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
If you buy one completo, it's only one dollar.
Blue is a pretty color.
The letter Y is my favorite.
It stands for YOUNG in BYU.
This is gonna sound pretty dumb if they lose.
so yeah.
the end.
au revoir
See ya!

All Good, all the time