Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Mindy Gledhill's adoring fans:
Mindy is having a christmas concert on November thirtieth!! Go and buy tickets because this will be a show worth seeing!
Note: The concert will be seated, so get there early to get the best seats!
If you want more information please go to
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend but I'm listening to her christmas album right now and it's wonderful and I love it and I love her and all of you should go see her perform!!
Okay. That is all :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fitness and my accent

Over the summer I decided to go off sugar. I had limits- sure I splurged here and there (4 times total) but I did pretty well. I wanted to get fit and going off sugar really did help! I have a sugar addiction.... it's bad. Anyway!! I felt dang good over my summer of no sugar.
And I've decided to do it again! However, this time it will be on a much larger scale.
I'm going off sugar for a whole year.
I'm sick of being a lump of life and hardly ever exersising and having pudgyness.
So, it's going to change.
But it's going to be hard and I'm probably going to mumble and grumble but it will all be worth it in the end!!
Anyway, just felt like sharing... anyone want to do it with me?
Last time I did it one of my spectacular church leaders did it with me and she's still going, and will be until the beginning of next year.
I'm really excited! I want to start now but I really want to start at the beginning of the year... that's my major goal.
So yeah :D I'm excited to be fit :)

Now! About my accent. I'm from Utah. I don't think that the letter T exists because the letter D sounds just as fancy.
I think about how I talk a lot. Once during a class when I was bored I sounded out the alphabet on my paper.
It went something like this... "ayee bee cee dee eee eff gee, aitch aie jay kay ell emm enn oh pee, keeooow arr ess tee euu vee, duubbleeuu ecks, wahy zee..."
Then I thought, "what if the way I talk was spelled out instead of.. well.. normally?" Almost like in My Fair Lady, at the very beginning when Professor Higgins is writing down Eliza's terrible speech.

I have come up with this:
Luuk at the mowins!!
Luuk at tha!!
Stop iiih!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twas All Hallows Eve...

 Miss Mary Poppins and Eliza Doolittle

 The hats are my favorite part!
Okay. So these three munchkins planned for MONTHS to dress up as the blue, green and red Links from The Four Swords video game/comic.
They carved and painted their own swords and shields, searched everywhere for the perfect medicine bottles and boots and belts and all that good stuff and I think that they did a FANTASTIC JOB!!
They are all wearing matching dresses that aren't dresses because they are all boy :)
~Rachel, you are fantastic~
Anyway! Halloween was very exciting overall. Miss Eliza and I went up to my grandmas house and gave candy to little children probably scared them quite a lot...
Then we went trick or treating with all my cousins and a few family friends and it was altogether quite fantastic!!
Tomorrow is daylight savings time.
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I am going to go to church, and make myself some fairy houses and TP's.
Why? Why not!!
I think that everyone should make themselves a nice fairy house every once in a while ^_^
On a side note, I got my hair cut!!
Just layered and thinned though- I didn't want any length off.
May thy Sunday serve thee well,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cafeteria food

I'm starting to think that teachers are starting to get tired of us students so they're poisening our food.

~NOTE!! I'm talking about high school food. Elementary school food was just wonderful and dandy and I miss it.~

Take today for example!
I usually have home lunch but today I had school lunch and i have nicknamed it Mushy Water.
I had mushy water with fish for lunch. DELISH.
I got my tray and went to sit down. I looked at my food. At first, the gray lump almost looked like potatoes... with fake cheese. Maybe.
I risked my life and took a bite.
It tasted like old warm water. With lumps.
Turns out that smooshed cauliflower tastes like old water with lumps.
Mushy Water.


So, because I'm bored I will ramble for a few minutes about radom things. You may skip this portion if you would like because it probably won't make any sense.

from now on i'm going to type without correcting my mistakes bbecause i do that quite a lot and sometimes i wonder what it touls would look like if i didnt correct tanyging becayse i'm actually a really bad typest cind of cal i men gal i MEAN goodness you see how gterrigle i am it bbprobaly doesn't help tha im sitting in a really fancy posiition but anyway i was realding my vbery dear friend emma's post today and realized that boys dont like me either so we have even more in common and then i rememberd how we used to go into a wonderful ladys backyard and do wonderfully random things and so a few weeks ago i wen back there again and i wasl looking for our fairy houses and i saw part of brookesb tub but i couldnt find mine or yours so it was kind of sadddening so i decided that i would make anotherone and put it back there because a backyard liekt that needs a few fairy houses if i do say so myself.

Okay! done with that. that was actually kind of hard since i'm so used to correcting stuff!

Have a good evening everyone! I'll post halloween pictures soon :)

Dandy like a dandelion,