Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twas All Hallows Eve...

 Miss Mary Poppins and Eliza Doolittle

 The hats are my favorite part!
Okay. So these three munchkins planned for MONTHS to dress up as the blue, green and red Links from The Four Swords video game/comic.
They carved and painted their own swords and shields, searched everywhere for the perfect medicine bottles and boots and belts and all that good stuff and I think that they did a FANTASTIC JOB!!
They are all wearing matching dresses that aren't dresses because they are all boy :)
~Rachel, you are fantastic~
Anyway! Halloween was very exciting overall. Miss Eliza and I went up to my grandmas house and gave candy to little children probably scared them quite a lot...
Then we went trick or treating with all my cousins and a few family friends and it was altogether quite fantastic!!
Tomorrow is daylight savings time.
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I am going to go to church, and make myself some fairy houses and TP's.
Why? Why not!!
I think that everyone should make themselves a nice fairy house every once in a while ^_^
On a side note, I got my hair cut!!
Just layered and thinned though- I didn't want any length off.
May thy Sunday serve thee well,


  1. GIIIRRLL!!!!! You make that TP!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

    You guys all look so amazingly amazing!!!!

    P.S. Taylor sends his regards :)

    1. Hahahaha YEAH!!!
      Did you dress up?? I need to see pictures if you did :D
      Send taylor my regards as well :P

  2. I kind of dressed up.... but I didn't get any pictures of me anyway. I just wore jeans and a white half-sleeve with a red bandana and earrings. I didn't get to go trick or treating though because I was working on an essay. :( It was poop.
    You gals look like you had so mucho fun!!!! I hope you got mucho candy!! (P.S. I'm not in spanish...I'm in sign don't judge my mucho awesome spanish) ;P

  3. Homework is most definately poop. -_-
    As a matter of fact, I just got done doing physics homework that I was working on for TWO HOURS! After the first hour, I realized that I was doing the wrong assignment. Yeah. pretty fantastic.

    I would never judge your mucho awesome spanish :D
    It's to mucho fantastico :)