Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fitness and my accent

Over the summer I decided to go off sugar. I had limits- sure I splurged here and there (4 times total) but I did pretty well. I wanted to get fit and going off sugar really did help! I have a sugar addiction.... it's bad. Anyway!! I felt dang good over my summer of no sugar.
And I've decided to do it again! However, this time it will be on a much larger scale.
I'm going off sugar for a whole year.
I'm sick of being a lump of life and hardly ever exersising and having pudgyness.
So, it's going to change.
But it's going to be hard and I'm probably going to mumble and grumble but it will all be worth it in the end!!
Anyway, just felt like sharing... anyone want to do it with me?
Last time I did it one of my spectacular church leaders did it with me and she's still going, and will be until the beginning of next year.
I'm really excited! I want to start now but I really want to start at the beginning of the year... that's my major goal.
So yeah :D I'm excited to be fit :)

Now! About my accent. I'm from Utah. I don't think that the letter T exists because the letter D sounds just as fancy.
I think about how I talk a lot. Once during a class when I was bored I sounded out the alphabet on my paper.
It went something like this... "ayee bee cee dee eee eff gee, aitch aie jay kay ell emm enn oh pee, keeooow arr ess tee euu vee, duubbleeuu ecks, wahy zee..."
Then I thought, "what if the way I talk was spelled out instead of.. well.. normally?" Almost like in My Fair Lady, at the very beginning when Professor Higgins is writing down Eliza's terrible speech.

I have come up with this:
Luuk at the mowins!!
Luuk at tha!!
Stop iiih!

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  1. LOL! The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain........... Funny girl!

    I didn't grow up here but I sure talk like I do!!

    Hmmm, the sugar thing. I really need to. I did do it for months!! I'm proud of you!!!!