Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sand dunes

I REALLY want to go to the sand dunes. you have no idea. i havn't been to the sand dunes in like, two years!!! my dad, me, and my brotatoes used to go at least once a year. we would hook up sleds to the four wheelers, bury eachother in sand, and just spend the whole day having an awesome time!!! i miss it!!! and now that my neighbors have a four wheeler, i want their family to come with us!!! how freaking awesome would that be? or, we could have everyone from the neighborhood come!!!!! aaaahhh!!!! i miss the sand dunes!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


My other chicken (Tweety) Laid an egg today! It's green! and it's really awesome looking! Because it's green! Tweety is our second chicken to lay an egg.... how exciting is that?! =)
I'll post a pic of it soon..... when I can find the cord to my camera... =)