Friday, October 15, 2010

Painting the shed- or, priming it anyway

Today we primed one wall of our shed!!!
I thought it was fun, until our chickens got out.
Our chickens somehow got smart have been slipping through our fence!
So today when we were priming our neighbor comes over and tells us two of our chickens are out. I ran and jumped over the fence to go get them, and when I was picking up one of them (NUGGET) and plopping it over the fence, he crapped on me!!! a very slimy, goopy, stinky trail all down my sweat pants. and on my shirt.
seriousley, it was nasty.
lol :)


  1. I KNOW!!!! and i really liked those sweat pants... :(

  2. Ewww! One of the things I don't miss about pets is the mess.

  3. no. G WAS the dud but he finally started laying