Monday, May 24, 2010


I feel so horrible right now. My throught hurts, I havn't been able to breathe through my nose for like, three weeks, and I have a horrible earache.
what a way to start the last week of school, huh?
so, at like, 12:13 last night I woke up crying because I had an earache.
I went upstairs to get this hotpad thingy we use to help earaches, and it was not there.
So, I went into my dads bedroom and woke him up and told him my problem, and he loaded me up with pills, but my earache just got like, worse. so my dad came into my bedroom every hour to load me up again, and then he found the hot pad. In the chicken coop. and it was broken.
So he tried to fix it.
It worked.
So yeah, it still hasn't gone away. It's throbbing and whenever I sneeze or yawn it pops and starts hurting even worse all over again.
it's making me mad!!!


  1. Sorry to hear you are ill! I hope you get better soon so you can enjoy the rain and snow. ;D

    Hopefully you and the weather will be better tomorrow!

  2. yup. my dad told me there were 4 inches of snow in orem yesterday. isn't that crazy?! I wish I could be better today- but NOOOOO!!! I just so happened to get an earache in my other ear!!! being sick sucks :(

  3. Oh boo!! I so do not like ear aches. Next time......put in a few drops of onion juice. I know. Weird! But it works.....

  4. onion juice?! I'll try it.... Sometime... :) Thanks!!!