Thursday, May 6, 2010

You know what I REALLY hate?

Being sick on the same day the end of year testing starts and then hafting to go to school so you can take that stupid crummy math test so you won't fail your stupid crummy math class so you don't have to go to the stupid crummy summer school to make up that stupid crummy math test!!!!! Ah. feels good to let that out.
But do you know what else I reallly hate?!
Hafting to go to school when you've had a headache all week and all the kids seem to think that it's "shout and yell as loud as you can day" so you get an even worse headache..... and then coming home to freakishly akward brothers (refer to pic on side of blog) when one of them happens to be coughing his brains and every other organ in his body out of his mouth, and he won't shut up!!!!
Oh, but I really really really realllllly REALLLLLY hate this one....
hafting to go to school.

PS. if you scroll down to the bottom of the page where my playlist is and scroll all the way down on my playlist you should find a song labeled, "badger song" i think it's hilarious, but..... lets see what you think!!!


  1. Those are the worst headaches! Hope it's gone now. Hope you pass all those tests with flying colors!

  2. I hated Math too. It always got harder when I had this teacher who never understood that I never understood numbers! (Hope that sounds right!)
    Get well soon and a Hi to the Brothers. They are funny... :)


  3. The nerve of that school, the nerve of that teacher, the nerve of parents who enforce, the nerve of totally awkward brothers! :) Feel better girlfriend!