Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New new new new stufffffffff

is exactly what me and my brother (who is, sad to say cursed with idiotitus, lol jk) got on saturday!!!! jared has been going to work with my dad and doing chores around the house and finally had enough money to buy his own ipod touch. and also in that process he has been trying to make me jealous by showing me his big fat wad of mooola that is burning holes in his stupid little pockets. i think it might've worked there- but anyway he got an ipod touch and as a birthday present two months early i got a purple digital camera!!! LOOK WHO'S JEALOUS NOW IDIOTITUS CURSED BROTHER!!! it's way awesome!!! mostly it's for florida, but, i will cherish it forever and eternity!!! lol wow..... so, we pretty much have our birthdays out of the way for a year, you know, for florida and stuff, but he's not going so there ha ha!!!! check out the pics!!!


  1. Oooh! Fun times with a digital camera!!! Way fun times. Can't wait to see what you capture. Like your monster brothers dressed up as hoola girls. :D

  2. lol- that was so much fun to do, i can't believe that i was able to get them to pose