Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is what you get...

When you give me gummybears and I leave them in the sun for two hours.
AAAANNNNDDDDDD.... This is what you get when you give me liquid chalk and a sponge.

P.S. I added a poll thing to my little sidebar thingy. Check it out! Vote!!!


  1. I love the polka dots! Very cute!

  2. I'm supposed to choose ONE favorite pie? Impossible!

    I'd say lemon AND cherry. Shocking isn't it that those would come before chocolate. But it is true! The only time in this world that choc. doesn't come first.

    The polka dots are cute.

  3. oh honey! the melted gummy bears are just revolting aren't they????

    i will vote.

  4. Chastina- Thanks! They were itchy! :)

    Rachel- I'll change it so you can choose more than one pie, okay? :) I love lemon, can't stand cherry,and that better be the only time that chocolate doesn't come first.

    Misty- I know!!!! They melted in a bag and when I was transferring them onto the plate, my hands got covored in the goo!!!! It was nasty. ;)