Saturday, July 3, 2010

The weirdest dream I have ever had-

Occured in my brain last night.
It was so weird.
And I kind of wish It was real... :D
So, I had this dream that the YW wend to Girls Camp for the second time this year, because we werent gonna do it next year for some reason. So, it was like the last day of camp, and Denae (Sis. Holt) was teaching us this really fun game. But then Camilla and Sara (see camilla's and saras adventures on youtube... ) mixed it up and then found out system that would change your hair color. yes. i know. weirdness.
So, all you had to do was lay on your back, pick up a color card from a box, then pull on one of your earlobes while counting to ten, then choose a question card and ask a leader the question, and then when they answered it, you had to wave your hands in the air, and POOF! your hair would turn the color of the card you chose. cool, right? but so weird!!! I must have a defunctional brain or something. -_-


  1. Another week of camp would be fun!

    If only changing hair color was that easy.