Thursday, March 25, 2010


sup. i have read the whole maximum ride series of six books in six days. a book a day. pretty sweet huh? well, not officially, but im pretty sure i'll finish the last one tomorrow. it makes me dream about something that i can not and will not tell you for the sake of me staying alive and being able to walk outside without a paper bag over my head. just sayin. so don't even ask. part of it has to do with pizza blowing up. but not all the time.
I'll just say this-
he has wings that are so dark that they look dark purple in the sunshine.
you know, from what the book tells me,
and he has black eyes.
and black hair
and he's tan.
and the first letter of his name is F
and the next one is A
and the next one is N
and the last one is G.
but that's all.


  1. Wowza! Thaz some readin' girl!! You rock!

  2. DANG Hanna!! THAT IS A LOT OF READING!!! You must be obsessed with those books to read all of them in just SIX DAYS!! Shoot! That's amazing!

  3. Good for you! I get that way sometimes. I love when I can devote time to reading a good story!

  4. I have horribly horrible obsession problems with Fang. I hate him, but he's the awesomest and the most nicest person in all of the books. he's so sweet and caring!!! I HATE HIM BUT I LOVE HIM!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
    and now i'm probably going to be clueless when we take tests or something because i havn't been paying attention. well i have, but only for bit's and peices of time
    reading rocks