Thursday, February 25, 2010


am tired. soo soooooooo tired. i haven't slept good all week. except for last night. that was good. my dog kept coming onto my bed right next to my head. and pushing me off the bed. hey. that rhyms. im going to make a poem of my tiredness.

Okay, here goes.
I am so tired,
my brain, is wired.
i havn't slept good all week.
My dog is a blob, my brother's a snob
and the other ones starting to reek.
this poem does't make sense at all
and im still so tired im going to fall
i just had to give the chickens fresh water you see,
they will drink so much that they'll have to go- i think im done.

The End.


  1. hahahahahaha lol nice one hanna!!

    i am sorry u havn't been sleeping well though...
    that is never fun:)

  2. :D Actually, to another sleep deprived person that poem made perfect sense!

  3. I think you did a great job! I like this poem.

  4. LOL thanks. Guess what? I'm at school right now! I just got done with typing an essay and ms adams said that we could do anything that it a quiet activity! so i checked my email and now im on my blog typing this. oh and guess what? I checked my email and jessie sent me an email during school to!!! lol.