Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swimming in the Resivoir...

I got hit with a log the other day.
It's sort of a tradition to go up to the Spanish Fork resivoir before/soon after school starts.
So on Tuesday this week our Youth Group all packed into the cars with our leaders and our towels and headed up the mountain.
After getting lost several times we finally made our way up and unloaded.
When you go swimming in cold water, like in the Provo River or a Lake or Resivoir, you need to go in fast. Slowly walking in and stopping and screaming when it hits your stomach just won't cut it! That's what I usually do. So this time I decided to do something a little different... I was about to my knees in water and decided that I would just fastwalk into the water until I got to my shoulders! Let me tell you. That water was freezing. But once you got in and stayed for a while, it was alright. After everyone had gotten in, we brought out the watermelon!
Greasy watermelon is hard to throw. Just sayin. And it leaves your fingers all sticky and gross... :D:D
Anyway, I got hit with a log. If you've ever been to the resivoir, you should know what the log is. There is this GINORMOUS log that we play king of the hill with. It's actually pretty fun, except when you get hit! but even then its fun... :D:D So yeah. This is just a random post because i'm bored. School has officially started, and I havn't gotten lost yet!


  1. I really dislike that log... I get hurt on it everytime. :)

  2. oh harsh... but just flat out siwmming sounds really fun right now!

  3. not when the water is as colder than ice water