Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"We can finally chew with our mouths open!"

I have always wondered what goes on in the mountains when all the boys in my family head up there.
They always come back with stories of, "And then they had to pour mustard down my throught!" and "It almost fell off the edge of the cliff!" (Both are true stories, get Russel to tell them sometime. :D ) And I always wonder how those guys can get so dirty and grungy and gross in 3 days. It's like they bathe in dirt!
It is a tradition for all of the Ockey/Cartwright/Abbegg guys in our fam. to head up into the mountains for three days in September.
They all shine up their four wheelers and make sure their trailers are workin and they're guns are loaded, and pack the jallepenios, then after school on Wednesday they all trek down to my house and then head off!
As a lot of you know, I have a fairy large family. So lets say, 15-20 odd 9-60 year olds plus 6-8 four wheelers, 3-5 motorcycles, GUNS, and a whole box of jalepenio peppers.
What could possibly go wrong?
And what are us ladies of the family supposed to do while they're gone? :D
So I asked Russel and James Madison what they're favorite parts of the shootout are, and guess what they said?
J.M. actually said he liked catching Salamanders and Russel said he liked the motorcycles, but guess what I THOUGHT they were gonna say?
I totally thought they would say chewing with their mouths open.
Cause here at home, that is like, my pet peeve of the century.
If they chew with they're mouths open I remind them and they're like, "When I'm at the shootout, I can chew with my mouth open all I want!"
Typical J.M. and Russel.
Pictures when they get back!


  1. Don't you know that boys camp is just like girls camp? Not. My dad was has been a scout leader for over 20 years and I'm still not sure what all goes on at scout camps.

  2. I've walked by your house a couple of times and where did you get the 3-four wheelers? I thought you only had one.

  3. Chastina: lol! it will forever be a mystery.... :D

    Scarf: We actually have two four wheelers- the giant black one and the small red one. The other one came from a friend of my uncles, he just brought it over here so it could get loaded on the trailer.