Saturday, March 5, 2011

Microwaved eggs.

Yesterday afternoon our oven started having issues. One of the burner things wouldn't turn off!! So we had to unplug our oven.
I was upstaires watching Ghost Whisperer yesterday and my mom came into the playroom and said that they were gonna go on a date, and that we could have eggs and toast for dinner.
She said that we could use a container that had a vent to microwave the eggs.....
So dinnertime came around and I went and got my brothers from wherever they were at, and when we got home I told them what our mom had told me, and they were like, "what?"
So we tried it. and it was nasty.
I called her and asked her how long I should put it in for, and she said about a minute.
sort of...
i heard popping noises from inside the microwave, so I took it out and opened the cover, and first off, it smelled horrible!! Jared said it smelled like hot pots.
And then he poked it with a fork, and it was like rubber!!
I really wish I knew where my camera was at that time, cause I totally would've taken pictures.
When my mom came home we told her about it, and she said that it always turned out good when she did it....
That just proves that I can't cook. :)
Seriousley, I can even mess up macaroni. :) :) :) :)


  1. LOLOL!!! oh my gosh! don't you hate it when you do exactly what your mother does and it turns out the exact opposite of how it turns out for her?! I'm sure you're not that bad at cooking. remember those pancakes we made that tasted like scones?

  2. i remember when my mac and cheese turned into a soup...

  3. XD HOT POCKETS?!?!?!?!
    I'm sure they do not!
    sheeeesh XDDDDD


  4. you'de be suprised what something as gross an egg can smell like... YEACH

  5. No no no no no Hanna!!! You CAN cook. The first time Colin made mac. and cheese he didn't strain the water and made soup. Now, he's a pretty darned good cook. Promise.

    No, it's the microwaves fault. And the eggs.... bleck! Microwave eggs......... not my favorite. Now, if you want some yummy microwave cooking, look up on google how to make a brownie in a mug!!! Mmmmmm. That is good..

    Keep trying. Keep cooking.