Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moab pictures

Okay, here are the pictures from Moab. I'm, well yeah.

When we got to Moab one of the first things we noticed were the caterpillars. Well at least I noticed them.

When I went to a summer camp a year before, there were the exact same caterpillars. Except they dropped on your heads. They are like silkworms, but, like, in caterpillar form. They would get into your sleeping bags and into your clothes and they would leave green goop everywhere and it was just plain gross.
Another thing we noticed right off was the swimming pool at the campsite. How many people get to go swimming in an actuall swimming pool when they're camping?! It was a really nice pool. My brothers and me loved it.
That's all I can do right
now but I'm going to do more later. Bye!

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  1. wow i love your pics there really good!!!! it sounds like you had a great time!