Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's official...

The Christmas season is now here. my familys lights r up, and i think were getting out our tree today. so, now i will listen to the chipmunks and all those other old singer people that sing christmas songs. it's official. it's christmastime.


  1. I do looooove Christmas. Such a cozy time of year. How's the weather up there by the way? Is it Cold? Just a little Chilly? FREEEEEEEEZING?????? Have you gotten any snow yet?? MISS YOU!!!

  2. lol I loves christmas too!!!♥
    man....I want to get a blog...-.-

  3. oh oh oh ya hoo!!!! time for lights and decore and yumm yumms!!!▼ and ice cream and sweets!!! :) lol