Monday, January 3, 2011

Blue Shirt Day

I've been getting this email a lot lately and I feel that I should share it.

Everyone who gets this email needs to listen up. lets see if we can get into the newspaper for this. on february 22 lets everyone wear a blue shirt. i don't care what shade of blue it is. if you're a kid pass this along to all your friends. if you go into a chat room tell everyone there to tell their friends. if you're an adult pass this along to all your friends. tell everyone at work about it. i'm using the power of email (and blogger :) ) for this. mark your calendars- february 22, blue shirt day. let's go down into history for this. i don't care if you get this email 2000 times. just keep sending it! READY?! GOOOOOO!!!!!!
this is the email that i have been repetitively getting for the past two weeks, pass it on!