Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello everyone!
just a little advertisement-
My school, Provo High and our choir is hosting a holiday dinner as a fundraiser for choir tour.
I don't know the exact date yet, I think it's December third. We will have a matinee showing and a dinner- the matinee is fifteen dollars and the dinner twenty. We will be performing at the provo city library ballroom, and if you would like tickets please come talk to me! the sooner you buy, the better your seat is.
I highly recommend it! We have some great songs and great choirs performing. I am also thinking of trying out for a little extra piece... playing Fantasy on O Holy Night in-between songs or choirs.... so... that makes it an even better reason to come!
so anyway if you want tickets, please talk to me!
-I'll also be giving better information later on.....-

Okay. So, I think that I want to write a little story for you because I have nothing to do.

Once upon a time, there lived a very unhappy prince. No one really knows why he was unhappy, he just paced around in his castle day after day, night after night. Oh, and he wasn't just any ordinary prince either. He was the prince of Halloween. His kingdom was always dressed up in Halloween, Jack-O-Lanterns, witches, ghouls, skeletons- whatever you could think of that had to do with halloween, that town had it. But the prince was still unhappy. In fact, everyone in the town had started to seem gloomier than usual lately.

In another town, very very very far away from the town of the unhappy Prince, there lived a very happy princess. Nomatter what was going on, no matter what happened to her, she was still happy all the time. And so were the people. Her town, was all about everything. Winter, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall, the town had just about everything. C street had so many Christmas decorations that you could hardly walk without stepping on some of them. H street had as many skeletons as one person could handle. But anyway, the town was happy, and she was happy.


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