Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is another one!

This is another one of those totally random posts where I don't have time to breath because I have to tell ya'll about all my totally AWESOME posts that will (maybe) be coming soon because I have been too (fill in blank) to do it in the past but I have a ton to catch up on like Girls camp and holy cow I havn't even posted my recital which was in like, May for heavens sakes and I promised that I would do it AND I WILL but it might be later than you expected.... or in this case later than later than you expected and now I have efy coming up soon and a wonderfully awesome and amazing person that I met at efy last year is visiting the state (that can't make up it's mind when it comes to weather) that I just so happened to live in and I am thrilled that we might get to see eachother because it's been a whole year since we even met and now we might get to see eachother again and I am very excited and a little loopy right now because I just watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding with my best friend and I was laughing like a maniac and that just reminded me of a post that I have to.... post.... about how my family plays phase 10 because it's quite funny and for some reason that just reminded me of how I'm going off of sugar (not totally.. just like sweets and treats and stuff) for eight weeks and it's been really hard with my mothers birthday and all of her friends bringing stuff from the Sweet Tooth Fairy over and then watching my family eat it while I go eat a carrot or something.

To sum it all up.
I'm tired.



  1. Ummmmm. Am I correct here? Is there only one actual cap and period structure in all of that? And I feel exzacly the same about blogging just now. I'm too (fill in the blank), too. Makes me feel bad. And then I forget all the cool stuff I was going to write about. I'm SURE there was some cool stuff -

  2. I think we're all feeling this way this summer!

    I'm waiting, yes WAITING for these posts of yours and as for that carrot...... I'm sick of eating them. I have found they are great for cleaning out my ears though!

  3. Oh my goodness I know exactly how that is. I still have to post about girls camp and stuff. You are so hilarious! I has giggling to myself as I read this. I seriously wish I was as talented you as writing and playing piano and singing and being awesome!

    P.S. I wondered if I may send you a more recent picture of me to put on your blog... /:)