Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's always been a tradition to stay up till midnight doing who knows what on new years eve and then run outside at the stroke of twelve to light off a flare. One time my grandparents who live up north a few miles lit one off and we were able to see it from down here. It was pretty sweet :D
I hope that everyone has had a fantastic new years day! 
Me? I spent mine in my pajamas, playing animal crossing and watching a movie where the narrator tried to convert me to becoming a vegan. It was strange.
Half of us over here have the flu but are recovering steadily. Hopefully nobody else got sick!

Today marks Day One of my sugar free 2013.
I'm already having withdrawls.
Why can't I ever have a withdrawl on a carrot or a tomato?
I don't understand it.
The last sugary thing that I ate before I started was a raspberry filled powdered donut and boy...  it was delicious.
Anyway, happy new year!

From a December 21, 2012 survivor,

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  1. Go Hanna!!! No sugar 2013! I'm proud of you for setting goals and seeing them through.