Thursday, October 1, 2009

School..... Fingers....... Babtisms for the dead

some ppl think it's a waste of time.
some ppl think it's stupid.
i am not one of those ppl.
i am lovin school!!!
totally awesome.... u know besides homework...... an tests........... and... yeah. i have a test tomorrow. im totally not excited about it. but other then those things i love tests!!!

mine are freezing.
cold weather is coming.
i totally wish i could be in Az or Tx right now. that's where my bffs r and it's probably warm there. we already have snot in the mountains......... oh crap spelling error!!! i said snot... i mean snow.. im just gonna leave that on there cuz it's funnay!!!! my mom just came downstairs and told me that we r probably gonna go se UP tomorrow. sweetness. great my leg just fell asleep. cold fingers. ow.....

Babtisms for the dead...........
i did that yesterday!!!
it was totally awesome!!!
i had so much fun!!
it was my first time!!!
okay so we went to the temple and then we did the comfermations, we did that first for some reason and then we got babtized!!! it was so totally awesome!!! but the only bad thing is that there were only three girls! me, jessie c, and jenny g.
all the other girls had volleyball or band practice or something like that. so there were three girls and like ten boys!!! i had so much fun and i want to do it again!!!


  1. That is great that you enjoyed baptisms! What a fantastic experience.

  2. Im glad ur liking school!!!
    mines good but im not making the best grades.
    and what is ppl?

    im sorry its soooo cold there!!!
    i wish it was starting to get cold and snow here!!!!!!!
    i want to go sleding soo dang bad!
    but if it gets to cold ur welcome to come to TX!
    its only in the 90 right now though.

    congrates on soing batizums for the dead!!!
    i love doing it to!! there soooooo fun!!
    im suprized that this was our first time?!?!
    but im glad you've gotn to do it!!! miss to tons!!! i hope to see u soon!! we may go down to utah for texas!!!!! ik in just soooo excited for that too. call me!