Thursday, April 28, 2011


While reading the blogs of my friends and neighbors, I realized something; they all have nicknames for their families! I thought about this, and came to the conclusion that I am going to give my family some nicknames to use in my blog.
Okay, here we go.

Dad- (you guys got any? cause I got nuthin.....)
Mom- (same with my mom... I can't think of anything)
Jared- Russel
Owen- James Madison

Okay! There ya go!!
(I know i only came up with two, but it's a head start!!)


  1. LOL! Poor Jared! He'll always be Russell for ever more.....

  2. For your parents, look to another language. See what word means dad or mom and use that.

  3. Po-Po for yout dad and Mo-mo for your mom

  4. hahaha fun:) sorry but i have no idea's:)