Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's amazing what can happen when you deep clean your room...

First, I found a box full of old perfume bottles.
I had gotten them when I went to Florida and these were my favorites.

 Oh How Lovely :D
 It's a swan! How totally cool is that?
 Can you tell what this one is from the picture? It's supposed to be a seal balancing a ball on it's nose! It's much easier to tell in person.
 This one is so cool. It's a violin! I think it's from France.
 I LOVE this one.
 The designs they put on old perfume bottles are just so cool!
 Next, I found a letter that I had written to myself to be opened in 2022.
 Then, I found this amazing wooden box that I got from a garage sale. The picture on the front is of a Thailand sailing boat with mountains in the backround. That little yellow tag going across the top left corner is informing me that that box is a "Wood Product". HOLY COW!!!
 Inside, were chopsticks, some kind of sauce holder, and a little holder FOR the sauce holder. Pretty cool, huh?
 Here's a close up. All the little holders and chopsticks and such have a miniature version of the boat on the front of the box.
And here's a close up of the boat! ...Sorry 'bout the glare....

Also, as I was looking through some old journals of mine, I discovered that I used to spell "News," like "nooz." Snazzy, right?


  1. Very snazzy indeed! I'm thinking...... the dumpster diving daddy has influenced his baby girl in finding treasures. :)

  2. Hahaha! i love it! i really need to deep clean my room!