Friday, January 6, 2012


Has anyone made any New Years Resolutions yet? One of mine was to be healthier and maintain a daily excersize routine. So, almost every day for the past week I have been going into my bedroom, switching on the John Bytheway CD's I got for Christmas, (WHOO HOO!!) and running, doing jumping jacks, etc.
My abdominals hurt soooo bad!!! Like, OW!! It hurts. Anyway- I'de LOVE to hear your resolutions. Happy... January..... (I was about to say Happy New Year... but that wouldn't really work, would it?)
Alrighty! So today I guess my brain was a week ahead of me, because I thought I had a test in choir and Geometry but it turns out that... I didn't!

And to Sistah R!
Can I talk to you a little more about UCAS? There are still many blank spots. LOVE to have a conversation with ya and your boys about it!

Okay. Happy January. :D

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  1. Haha of coarce i have! and i told them all to you at the dance!!! but you never mentioned any of those when you told me all of them.. Oh and let me know everything when u find out more about ucas;D