Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Sunshine

Dear Sunshine
Thank you for finally begininning to shine.
It's making my day!

Dear Hair
Thank you for cooperating.

Dear Lawn Mower
Recently I've noticed that you're getting a little heavy, maybe it's time that you cut back on the grass. Then again, my arms could just be limp noodles...

Dear Russel
Thank you VERY MUCH for throwing cheese down my shirt.
Sleep with one eye open tonight.

Dear One Direction
Thank you for your music. I had lots of fun singing to it into my hairbrush this morning.

Dear Ipod
You have been aging gracefully. But, regretfully, it's catching up to you. It's partially my fault, ramming you accidentially into the table, but lets focus on the future, shall we?

May the sun shine on your conquest this day,


  1. Dear Hanna, You are an amazing piece of sunshine in my life! Let's face it. It's true!