Thursday, April 26, 2012


   Backyard-fresh eggs! Aren't they delicious?
 Oh, but what's this? A mini egg?
 Yes, yes it is.
 Hmmm... looks a little funny....


  1. Isn't that funny when they do that! At first it is expected but not when they're older! Two days ago Kirsten brought in an egg that didn't have the hard outer shell. Just the membrane. Who ever lay that one forgot to finish the job!

  2. Wow. This font is weird. it doesn't sound like either you or Rachel. Who does it sound like? Isn't it interesting how the commercial world trains us to think in unnatural ways? Like that something should always come out the same? I wonder what other little misconceptions we'd find out we have if we were doin' the whole planting raising and feeding thing ourselves.

  3. haha! too funny. Is Backyard Fresh a brand? We actually do get our eggs fresh from my grandma's farm, and she puts them in the egg cartons from the store... which is what I though this was too at first lol. Until you called them out on their false-ness! {yes, that is absolutely a real word :)}

  4. Rachel: We had one of our chickens do that no-membrane thing once... it was suuuper gross!!!!!

    K:lol :D

    Kate: We do what you do! I just like calling them Backyard Fresh cause I don't have a farm :D

  5. hahaha i love the photo's! you did an amazing job with them!