Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Just reminding all ya'll that I have a choir concert tonight!
Starting at seven o clock, Provo High School will host their choirs final performance of the school year. The first half will be full of festival music that we've been working on for most of 2012. (Ladies Choir, (THAT'S ME!!!) will perform Psalm 23 (my favorite!), Go Down Moses, and Jubilate Deo.)
After all the festival music is over, there will be a short intermission!
Then we will come back out and sing a My Fair Lady medly, Dancing Through Life (from WICKED!!) and many other fun like songs. We will even be in costume. HOW FANCY!
Anyway! I would appreciate it if anyone could come. It's going to be a fun performance even if it is a little longer.
Provo High School
Seven O clock.


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