Friday, July 31, 2009

Family and Girls camp!

Okay I'm really sorry I keep posting but there's nothing in the post. I accidently press enter when I'm done writing the title, and it posts my thing. SORRY!!!

Anyway, My moms family came over to visit this past week! They stayed over at my house since sunday and they left on Wednesday. They are now staying with my grandma. When they were here, we did a lot of wacky stuff. We pretty much just spyed on my little brother and watched TV and played outside and rode scooters and went to the park and spyed on my little brother some more. My mom has pics, I'll post them when she downloads them


Girls camp was last week!!!
The whole week was so fun!!!!
The first thing the girls did when we got to camp was set up our stuff, the cabins were shaped kind of like the letter "A", so there was a bottom floor and a top floor!!!
I slept on the top floor with Emma, Jessie, Courtney, Camilla, and Sara!
When we were done setting up our stuff, we went outside and explored the site.
One of the first things I noticed right off were the potguts.
There were like, a billion of them!!!!!!
Potguts are like squirrels, but with shorter and not so bushy tails, and they're fat.
Like, WAY fat.
One was so fat, it had bellyrolls.
We named him Gus.
After we were done setting up stuff and naming potguts, we went to a fireside. We had them every morning and night, but this one was just for the rules and stuff. We sang lots of songs, and just went over the rules. Then we headed back to camp for about a half an hour, then we went to Waterfront! Waterfront was a bunch of cool games that we played by the lake. We did games on the lake in canoes, we did some twister games, and some balance games!! It was way fun!!!
Okay, so we went back to our cabins, and we just played with the potguts some more!! We even made a royal family! Prince Charles, Princess Pat, and, well I can't remember the other names. But it was fun! Then we went to another fireside and sang more songs, then my ward did "Who is your hero" Thing, and our hero was Hannah Belnap. Then we went back to our cabins and played even more games, then we started a fire and roasted starbursts and marshmallows.
Then we just went to our cabins and talked for like an hour and went to bed.

Day 2
Day two was amazing!
Me and the other girls woke up early- To early! We didn't have to go to a fireside that morning so we could've slept in!!! We had muffins for breakfast, and then we went on our BIG HIKE!
It was really hard. And steep. And hard. Camp Mia Shalom is in a bowl of mountains, and we hiked to the very top! I took a pic of the veiw. It's pretty awesome!
When we got back to our cabins, we all took showers. (There were actually showers, and real toilets! Not those crappy port a pottys!!! LOL) The water was freezing. but it felt good. Then we went to the 41st birthday of our camp, and then we played a lot of cool camp games! Then we went back to our cabins and Sister Ritchie got out some phone wire and we all made necklaces and bracelets and stuff! It was so cool!
After dinner we were all sitting around the campfire and looking at the stars and singing. Very special moment.

Day 3
I didn't know so much stuff could happen in one day.
My cabin- no 4- started off the day with throwup.
Jessie Carlson -one of my BFs- threw up at about 2:00 AM.

Here's kind of a mental picture for you.

Throwup ----------My head.

The throw up got on my stuff so I had to clean stuff.
I think I maybe got 4 to 5 hours of sleep.
Sister Ritchie woke me and Emma up to make breakfast.
It took me 10 minutes to get out of my sleeping bag.
Me and Emma made a cowboy breakfast.

Bread+Eggs+Ham+Salt= Cowboy breakfast.
It was delicous.
After breakfast we went to another fireside.
Then we went canoing again. It was really fun!
Then we made boondoggles and stuff for like, three hours.
After dinner we went to singing trees.
That was one of my favorite parts of camp.
Singing trees is when all the different wards go into the forest and they each stand under a tree and sing a soft song.
Our ward sang a medly of about five songs.
We were awesome.

Day 4
The bishop and his wife came up to Camp Mia Shalom for our testimony meeting.
Everyone bore their testimony, even me.
It was very emotional.
Everyone cried--- EVEN ME!
Then when it was over we dried our faces off and hugged everyone then started crying again then hugged everyone again. We were just so pooped that we went straight to bed.
In the morning we woke up early, loaded the truck, got on the busses, and went home.
I think I slept on the bus, but I'm not sure.
When I finally got home I tried to take a nap.
It didn't work.

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  1. wow hanna!!!!<3 im soooooooooooooooo glad that u had a great time at girls camp:)!!!!!!!!! i love it when u post!!!!!!!!!!1 love ya <3much and miss u much!!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3