Monday, July 13, 2009

My moms birthday, Fourth of July, and Father & Childrens Campout!!!!!!!!!

I don't have any pictures yet, but I PROMISE to post them when my mom downloads them!
Okay, I have a lot to catch up on!
First of all, my moms birthday was on June 26! She woke up to Rasberry donuts and lots of balloons! My dad gave her 100$!!! So she spent the day taking me and my brothers out do do stuff! We went out to lunch, then we saw the Hannah Montana movie! (You have to see it, one of the best movies ever!!!)
Afterwards we went home, let the dog out to go to the bathroom, changed into our swimsuits, and went to the Orem Rec center! It was really fun, we all went swimming and played with water toys!!!

Okay, next is the Fourth of July! It was amazing! On July third, me, my gramma, and my aunt and uncle and my aunts kids came over and we went to the freedom festival! It was fun!
Okay, then that day like almost ALL of my moms family slept over. I had my aunt, my uncle, my other and and uncle, their three girls, and my gramma! It was a full house that night!!!
On the fourth of July, we woke up early and saw the hot air balloons outside! They were really cool! Then we all got dressed and went to the parade! We met almost ALL of my dads family there, and that was really awesome!!! The floats and things were really prettty this year!!!!!
After the parade we went to the Scera Park! It's like a tradition, same place, same tree EVERY YEAR!!! But this time it was kind of a bummer because they had this Ellis Island in the park thing, but we checked it out and it was fun! We played football, had lunch, climbed trees, and everything!!!
Then we went home and rested up.
At like, five thirty, we went to Thanksgiving point for the free firework show!!!! They had a band playing, and it was like, old fashioned music, so me and my cousin were dancing and having fun and laughing! The fireworks were amazing, and they lasted a long time!!!! They has some really awesome ones this year!!!! Afterwards we went home and went to bed.

The last thing is the Father and childrens campout! That was on Friday-Saturday, and it was really fun! I invited my friend Jessie Carlson to come with us because her dad wasn't going, so she just went with us! On the way there, we stopped to eat at Wendys, (for the girls) and Subway, (for the boys). Then we went on the road! It took probably an hour to get there, but it was still fun! On the dirt road that was like, a mile away from the campsite, there was this hill thing on the wall that my dad went on that turned our car like, sideways!!! IT WAS SO FREAKY!!! ME AND JESSIE PRACTICLY SCREAMED OUR BRAINS OUT!!! But then we got to the campsite, and it was pretty fun! Me and Jess used up like, all of the disposable cameras film in like, an hour! Then we used the digital camra, and took some really pretty pictures! I'll have to post them, There's a couple pics that are so good that they could be used as screen savers! But anyway we were all taking pics and stuff then we went around the campfire, and talked about the prestood. Then some grownups went to bed, but most of the kids started playing flashlight tag! It was really fun!!!! Then most of the kids went to bed, and me and Emma, (my other friend that came) started talking to Colin Rubow and it was fun, our conversation went from books, to movies, to horses, to teeth, to books again, and to movies again! It was fun, then Colin went to bed and me and Emma stayed up with the older kids, but the only thing we did was just sit and stare at the fire! It was actually pretty fun! Then we went to bed, but I couldn't sleep so I went up to the fire again for about ten minutes. But Owen had found this huge moth and it was keeping everybody up cause it was trying to get out of the case Owen put it in. So I slept like, six hours cause I woke up at six o clock, and I don't know why! Then we had breakfast burritos, made bo's and arrows, then had the Mountain Man Games! That was Fun, we had ax throwing, bow and arrow shooting, and after those we had a one hundred yard dash! I won first place in my age group, wich had like, eight people in it!!! It was really fun!!! Then we went home and unloaded and played with our bo's and arrows, then I went in and had dinner, then I went to a BYU soccer game, and that was fun, except BYU scored two points and they still lost to the other stupid team that only scored one point. Im still mad about that. Then when me and my mom got home it was like ten thirty, so we watched the movie Inkhart, it's really good!!!! Then we went to bed at like twelve o clock.

That's all I needed to catch up on!!!


  1. That conversation with Colin was really wierd, but fun! You got to watch Inkheart!?!? I'm so jelous!

  2. nice!!! it sounds like u had full fun exiting days hanna!!!! i mean the fourth u were full, u had ur mom's b-day, and the camp to do. it was nice of u to take ur friend jessie.i would not have blamed u for screaming if the car was like sideways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah i don't even want to think!!! im glad u are having fun times though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!