Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catching Up Time

Hello Everyone! It's time for me to catch up- These are all pictures from Band Tour, (which I just got back from TODAY! it was amazing... :D), efy, Funerals, a mini Family Vacation, and the Boys' Shootout.

 On our way! The Trams at Disneyland
 Driving through AZ- I was in the same state as my Best Friend for like half an hour!!!!!
 The Beautiful Beaches of California (Newport Beach)
 Aah, the waves....
Cool story about this beach- when I was eight years old my family went on vacation to California and we went to this same exact beach! We also had the great opportunity of seeing whales, and this time I had the amazing opportunity to see dolphins! Anyway...
 The Pier of Newport Beach
 Everybody gettin wet
 Slowly inching their way to the water....
 My feet in the salty water!
 The light reflecting on the water
 Our last rehearsal ever before our competition.
Another great story, at our competition (which was the day after we went to disneyland), as we were waiting for the awards ceremony to start, we were all so zonked from Disneyland that we all fell asleep in the bleachers! Two guys walked by and told us "Great Job," and we all lifted up our heads, said "Mhm..." and fell back asleep. We called it, 'Disneyland Hangover'. I started to draw a picture of it on the way home today- I'll post it when I finish.
 The Trams to Disneyland
 I think these flower arrangements are amazing.
 Our California Hotel Room- (friend in the back wondering why I'm taking a picture....) Our hotel room was like an apartment. It was great.
 The other part of our California Hotel Room
Main Street, DISNEYLAND!!!
 An amazing barbershop quarted found on Main Street.
 Pretty waterfall
Just a cute park bench...
 The amazing Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel
 An amazing army quad playing guy
 Pretty parade princesses!
 I wanted to watch Aladdin since I saw this parade
 A cute hat I almost bought... I'm not smiling because I just wanted to see what I looked like in it..... :D
 The wonderful world of color show!
 Very talented people put this show together
 A beautiful sunset over provo
 Hiking the Y with my friend Cookie!
 The Eagle Rock in monroe, UT
 Beautiful Sunset!
 My two best efy buddies!
 The three of us!
 My great counsler, marizzle. Yes. That is her name. I have no idea if it's spelled right. :D
 Chillin at the field
 My two great counslers!
 Waiting for the games to start!
 Oh boys.
 My roomies :D
 Us Girlies!
                                     Me with my session directors.
 (sorry it's sideways) Marizzle and her 'man potion'... :D
 Great boys!!! The boys' counsler
 Two great guys! (to all Zelda fans- I think the guy on the left looks like Link....) :D:D
 Pass-o-Guava. My new favorite Juice,
 Me and my silly counsler
 Us Girls!
 Silly silly silly..... :)
 The Boys!
 Our Whole Company.
 Good times..... *i miss efy....*
  Little mini family vacation in St. George- my bros with the Brigham Young Statue.
 The Beautiful Temple!
 Funeral for my great Uncle
 The whole family
 My Great Grandmothers beautiful Casket.
 My adorable little cousin!!!!!
 My Great Cousins and Uncle
 My Brothers and Dad!
 Boys at the Shootout.
 Woah! Motorcycles!
Shoot that gun!!!

Hope you enjoyed all the little mash-up of pictures!


  1. Great mashup! It looks like you have been having a lot of fun.

  2. YOU! My dear........ have been busy!!! Loads of fun busy!

  3. Chastina- I have! thank you!

    Rachel- ah yes, I know. :D very much so.