Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Russel....

Recently my brother Russel has become very interested in a book series called Alex Rider. (it's about a teenage spy kid.. :D) I happen to have one of the series, and keep it in a bookshelf in our bonas room.
I was walking up there for some reason, and Russel was looking through my books, listening to his ipod, and all of a sudden he starts rocking side to side, and is saying "poffin" in a british accent.

Maybe all that pie from Thanksgiving is getting to him... :D


  1. :D I'd love to have seen that!!! Too funny.

  2. Rachel: Yeah it was pretty great! He actually does stuff like that a lot... :D

  3. I've heard about those books! i want to read them so bad!! they are supposed to be amazing!