Monday, December 19, 2011

My today.

Once there was a very wise horse whisperer and a traveling/archaeologist/writer/musician/photographer. (the one with many jobs.) the horse whisperer was the many jobbed ones best friend. The horse whisperer said many wise things, and often said, 'so close, yet so far!' the one with many jobs really agreed with her on this and often thought of it herself. Then, the horse whisperer moved to a land far far away, called AZ, and should be coming back soon because her father, the law student, graduated last week and they said they would probably come back once that happened and everybody misses them. Anyway. The one with many jobs thought of that saying very often, especially on the Monday before Christmas break.

Many moons later (20 min) the many jobbed one decided that she should get a job over the summer. "I shall work in the library, she thought." so, using the convenient PHS computers she quickly looked up jobs that she possibly could've done. Sadly, none were available, but things can change in 6 months.

Afterwards, her dad brought up a joke he had told the family the other day. "why do bees buzz?" he asked. "oh brother." the many jobbed one mumbled. "you'd buzz too if someone stole your honey and nectar!!" her father is known in the ward of their village as the, 'favorite', among many of the young men who lived there. Her dad then proceded to burst in a fit of laughter that could not be controlled. Have the young men heard this one? "I woke up in the mornin with snot in my nose, snot in my nose, snot in my nose, I blew it so hard that it fell on my toes, fell on my toes, fell on my toes," this is a favorite among the men/boys in the home of the many jobbed one.

Later, the many jobbed one realized with a start that she would be the majestic age of 15 next year. And, that her brother, russel, would be a teenager. Taking this in, she collapsed to the floor because she believes that her brother will never truly grow out of 11.

In the evening of this fine day, after being revived with one of her mothers famous Rolo cookies (which many should be getting this week,) she felt the need to blog about this exciting, adventurous day full of amazing discoveries. The many jobbed one hurriedly took out the iPad, sat on the floor of her mothers bedroom and typed it all out.

Looking it over, she became satisfied and thought, 'maybe mom will let me eat the cookie that she revived me with...'

The end


  1. We got a plate!!!! And I am SO not going to tell you how many I've eaten. Just don't mention the plate to my kids okay? I don't want them to know what they missed out on. It will be our little secret OKAY???? SWEAR YOU WON'T TELL A SOUL!

  2. I SWEAR!!!!!! Glad that you liked them :D