Friday, December 2, 2011

How fast can a chiuaua run?

Being chased by a chiuaua is not a very fun thing. In fact, it's kind of scary.
Last night I was sprinting over to where Russel was, to bring him home for dinner, and as I rounded a corner I heard an odd noise in the trees that were across the street. Not really thinking much of it, I kept on running, and then a chiuaua jumped out of the trees and started chasing me. It was crazy! I ran on faster, and finally made it to the friends house, and the dumb dog ran away.
That's my story from yesterday.

TODAY, however, is totally different.
I had my holiday dinner today! (and my amazingly amazing cousin got baptized, CONGRATS KIKI!) The show was a big hit, and when I performed I only messed up (noticabley..... I actually had to restart the phrase. -_-) once! And since we had two showings, I got to play a second time, and I went in with much more confidence and messed up once (noticabley, but I made a super quick recovery) and had a few other mistakes here and there that I don't think were noticeable. So anyway, I wish that more people could've come and supported our choirs, but I am still glad and grateful that my parents and grandparents were able to come! Along with several people from our ward. Thank you to all who supported!!!!

Oh! And I finally saw Harry Potter PART 2!! It was awesome! (oh my goodness. it took me forever to type these three little paragraphs. I've been sitting here for like, twenty minutes. My fingers are broken. GAAA! That reminds me, the second time I played at the dinner the low E key was broken!!! And the low E is like a super main note, so whenever I had a roll with the low E it was dumb because the key was broken. Like my fingers.)

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