Thursday, December 22, 2011

Whoo Hoo! Christmas is Coming!!!

Many things have been found this week in the dumpster behind my dads work. For example.. Musical Gold!
 All these books! Theory, Technique, Performance, and Piano for levels Primer through 3. I only have the Theory book for level 4. 
          Look at how beat up my piano is... a new one for Christmas might be nice... hint hint....
 This is one of my all time favorite ornaments that we put on our lovely Christmas tree. It reminds me of YW :D
                                                               Another favorite
                                             I made this one for my mom in 6th grade.
 Right before this post my mom announced that our aund Donna had sent us some REAL FLORIDA TANGERINES!!! Here is James Maddison enjoying his. (I couldn't get it to go right side up.. sorry :P)
                        My mom enjoying hers as well! (Again... sorry for the sideways picture.)
                           And here's mine. This picture does not do this tangerine justice.
The Juicy contents! See those peels? In reality they're a much darker and vibrant orange color.
                                                                All that remains.....
 Here are just a few random pictures. My silly dooda and my lovely mooma at my cousins baptism.
 Me and my lovely spectacular amazing great awesome totally intense cousins!! (from left to right, Me, Nat, and Rach)
And, last but definately NOT the least in ANY way, my mothers rolo cookies. MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh sounds like you have had an exiting time!!! and those cookies look amazing!!!! oh save one for me:D haha jk but we really should makes those sometime!

  2. Your dad crack me up the things he finds in his dumpster. I do have to say, that is quite the find!

    Those tangerines look way yummy!! As for your momma's rollo cookies....... those are beyond yummy!!

  3. Samantha: It was great!! They taste amazing too... :P we really should :)

    Rachel: I know! He even brought home this gigantic pan that could feed an army. hahah I know, right? :D