Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Receptions!

I have always loved wedding receptions- friends, food, family, telling the bride how AMAZINGLY GORGOUS her dress is, food, all that good stuff.
I just came home from a wedding reception for my dads cousin Paul, and his fiance Melanie.
Can I just say, that they look AMAZING together? I'm not gonna lie, my dad's cousin is good looking. And Melanie, OH MY WORD! She is BEAUTIFUL! And, what's better, she wants to become a piano teacher! So yeah, I think she's pretty great. I hope I get to see them a lot over the next few years.

Paul and Melanie are both performers. Paul was in the Nauvoo pagaent and met a friend of mine, (Brooke :D ) and both Mel and Paul are in Savior of the World this year. Ever since Brooke talked about the Nauvoo Pagaent, I have wanted to be in it. Like, as a backround person. Even that would be a great experience. Anyway, I love them both, CONGRATS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!


  1. Happy New Year to you Hanna! Someday, it will be all of us standing around you gushing at how what a beautiful bride you are and how gorgeous your dress is and how handsome your husband is.. :) Before you know it!! It happens fast..... in the meantime, I'm glad I know the beautiful that is you now!!

  2. THANK YOU!! Everything is already moving super fast- I'm turning 15 next year. FIFTEEN!!!! It's crazy! Awwww... :D

  3. I give you permission to turn 15. Yes, FIFTEEN! It stops there. You are NOT allowed to turn 16...... just sayin..... cuz then you'll leave me (sniffle) so yeah. No more birthdays after 15.